Franck Raharinosy, ain’t no mountains high enough !

Since I knew him, he has always been on the top of his toes, always curious, enlightened, aware of the world running around him… Looking at his success story from Paris (France), he could disconnect so fast from Madagascar, where he was pulling its origins, and New York City, which became his home, for so long now. Franck Raharinosy is an actor-producer, sound practitioner, social entrepreneur, and co-founder of SPIN Ping Pong Clubs. Initially he built his business on his ping-pong passion with Jonathan Bricklin, then Andrew Gordon and Susan Sarandon awarded american actress. « Those guys are a little insane, you know… », told me a young intern when they first started. I introduced her more than 10 years ago, to work for him a few months, and the biggest part of it was that she sincerely did worry for them ! Now, sounds like no mountain was high enough, and Franck looks so accomplished, volunteering as much as possible, and chanting to be balanced, certainly the key of it all… Today he accepted to simply share his life with us, at the moment, and the way he’s looking forward, to the next phase of his existence. New-yorker point of view, in Coronavirus context, tough and capable of resilience for sure – as we know -, but deeply human too…

LCV Magazine : How are you doing, Franck ? And how is doing NYC, where you’re living ?

Franck Raharinosy : I am doing well, taking it all a day at a time. I went through my panic phase at the beginning, worrying about my own health and people around me. Afraid of losing it all. The Unknown. It also triggered a lot of difficult memories from 9/11. I lived a few blocks away at the time. But ultimately panic and fear don’t serve us. So all we can do is become spiritual warriors and not followers, keeping the frequency high and being there for each other. People are back in town now and more careful, wearing masks and respecting social distancing. New Yorker are tough. I love New York.

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LCV Magazine : Did your way of life has changed since pandemic ?

Franck Raharinosy : I started guiding Sound Mediation online for SPIN, The Tibet House, Equinox, The National Arts Club. A good way for me to help people deal with stress, anxiety and to continue my practice with Sound. I am staying active. Important to keep moving your body. I love riding my bike. I cook a lot more. I wrote a TV Pilot with a friend in Los Angeles and learned how to use the final draft program. In difficult times, sports, passions, meditation, talking to close friends and family are some positive ways to deal with mental health. 

Photo: Iri Greco / Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media | In courtesy of Lululemon.

LCV Magazine : Do you still feel worry or do you think, like some Americans, that enough is enough, and it’s time to get back to work ?

Franck Raharinosy : There’s a lot fake news, conspiracy theories, people with bad intentions spreading fears and taking advantage of the situation. I try to stay out of it. Am I eager to get back to work ? For SPIN Clubs to reopen ? Of course, I miss that part of my life a lot. I love bringing people together, organizing events and experiences, but not if there’s a risk for our staff and clients. When the time is right we will reopen and take all the precautions to ensure everyone is safe. 

LCV Magazine : Global issues speaking, what do you think about the meaning of this Tsunami ? Something to learn about it ? 

Franck Raharinosy : The value of simplicity, going back to the basics, more time with family, living outside cities, less unecesssary consumption. I really hope that people will learn something from this. If we’re going to sustain our future the whole World needs to unite for this purpose. If we continue treating the planet the way we have done over the last century, it’s nothing less than self destructive. So let’s all do something about it. Politicians and corporations need to step up.  Start protecting the Wildlife Habitats, plant trees, stop burning them.

Photo: Iri Greco / Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

LCV Magazine : You visibly are involved in an introspective research. What does meditation teach you everyday ?

Franck Raharinosy : Stillness, conscious breathing, meditation, sound are beautiful natural medicines and simple tools to bring us back to our essence. It makes us slow down. You don’t have to be a meditation expert. Sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose and breath out through your mouth. Do it a few times and observe how you feel once you open your eyes. Start with a few minutes, you got to start somewhere. 

LCV Magazine : Do you think you would react on a different way without your meditation routine?

Franck Raharinosy : I would have probably lost my mind without it. Even though that I don’t have a daily meditation routine.  When my head is spinning I do know that I need it asap. I love meditating in nature.

LCV Magazine : You are a successful businessman. Is it compatible with your practice ?

Franck Raharinosy : Like in one way you’re working for material independence (full heart, no needs) and on the other hand, you’re fighting to make money ? Could you please explain to french people how do you deal with this paradox ? If success is living for your passion then yes I can say that I am successful. I am lucky and grateful to have people around me that are more talented than I am  at running a business. I am more of an idea man and I like connecting the dots.  What’s important for me is finding the right balance between my spiritual and physical practice, SPIN work, creative work (acting, producing, writing). Oh and I also love honey and chocolate!  I love having a good laugh at myself sometimes : ) Seriousness kills the soul. Balance helps me perform my best and find happiness within. At the end its all connected.

LCV Magazine : You are sharing your art of meditating with others : Why teaching is contextually precious in your opinion ?

Franck Raharinosy : I am not a teacher, I am a practitioner. Without people attending I wouldn’t be able to practice. I see it as a mutually beneficial experience. Sound Meditation changed my life. Being able to serve other people through sound makes me happy. Same with SPIN, when I see people playing and having fun, I smile. I am proud.

LCV Magazine : How do you expect post-pandemic World to be ? Especially in NYC ? What is specific about new Yorkers ? Resilience ?

Franck Raharinosy : I am optimistic by nature but also realistic. If humans don’t change, our Planet will take care of itself. More natural disasters and pandemics like this will keep on happening. The Earth has been around for 4.543 billion years, and it’s not going anywhere. Let’s not just fight the pandemic, let’s take this as an opportunity to recommit to making an impact on Climate Change. That’s what I value. Let’s come back to the basics of living. I believe that love and compassion are keys for this transformation. The race to wealth and materialism is clearly not serving us.

Thank you Franck, for this beautiful interview, inspiring too... 
Best wishes from Paris (France).

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Téléphone : +1 212-982-8802

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